Ask a Musician

Have you ever wondered just how a bassoon works? Or what kind of training is needed to be an orchestral musician? You have the chance to find out! Visit with musicians and ask your questions during intermission of selected concerts. An announcement will be made from stage at every concert at which the Ask a Musician program is available.


NJSO musicians answer your questions

What is it like to perform in several New Jersey venues?

Assistant Concertmaster Adriana Rosin answers.

What is sticking up from the top of your bass?

Bassist Jonathan Storck answers.

What is the difference between first violin, second violin and violin?

Violinist JoAnna Farrer answers.

How do you pronounce Music Director Xian Zhang’s name?

Violinist Wendy Chen answers.

What makes NJSO parks concerts special?

Associate Concertmaster Brennan Sweet answers.