What the audience is saying

Audiences have been raving about Xian since her first appearence with the NJSO in 2010. Here are some of the comments:

We were especially impressed with Xian Zhang's ability to bring out the best in the soloists as well as the orchestra. More, please!
—Mary Luther

Xian Zhang did a great job shaping the performances, and her comments to the audience were charming and conveyed her enthusiasm.
—Carl Ian Schwartz

The concert was fantastic, conductor, musical selections and the magnificent violinist! We need more delightful performances like this.
—Rita Kessler

Guest conductor Xian Zhang was able to mold the sound of the orchestra perfectly. The result was a purely MUSICAL evening which was eminently satisfying.

—Richard Vanderbilt

An extraordinarily beautiful concert. Xian Zhang conducted the orchestra in La Forza with a wonderful tempo and great verve and discipline.
—Bob Starr

From the moment Xian Zhang entered the stage there was a palpable electricity in the air. The orchestra’s posture and attentiveness showed its enthusiasm for what was to follow.
—Audre Morrison

A note from an NJSO musician:

Xian Zhang's past concerts with the NJSO were always joyous and memorable events for me, whether she conducted big repertoire such as Respighi's Pines of Rome or an intimate Mozart symphony. Her musical enthusiasm and sensitivity are contagious. Besides her intelligent and constructive ideas during rehearsals, she surprised us with her rare non-verbal communication skills during performances: the quality of her gestures, open and welcoming, puts every orchestra player into an ideal performance state, in which difficult passages become suddenly easy and enjoyable. The excitement that we players experience will in turn be shared by our audiences during our concerts together.

—Frank Foerster, Principal Viola

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