What the critics are saying

“Zhang once again proved a thrilling leader. Her innate musicality and ability to communicate intention with clarity invested every gesture. Nothing seemed extraneous or glossed over, even as her whole body seemed to contract and release with explosive energy.”
The Star-Ledger

“A five-star musical performance, lovingly crafted by the fast-rising Chinese conductor Xian Zhang.”
The Times

“The good news is that there can be no complaints about the performance’s musical quality, conducted with Muti-like dynamism agility and precision by Xian Zhang. She drives an impressive cast.”
The Telegraph

“A dynamic presence in the pit.”
The Guardian

“The pleasant surprise of the concert was the excellence of the Orchestra Sinfonia di Milano Giuseppe Verdi and its pocket-sized dynamo of a Chinese conductor Xian Zhang, who made it clear that she—yes, she, o ye of little faith—meant business from the first crisp downbeat.”
The Telegraph

“This concert was one to remember with the debut of Chinese conductor Xian Zhang, who proves that authority need not be contingent on gender, nationality, or physical stature … the main challenge is to energize the orchestra, to keep it emotionally present as consistently as possible. And she did.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Zhang was at once commanding and exuberant, occasionally jumping or bending sharply at the waist to spur on the orchestra but often remaining fairly still—a riveting, dancer-like presence completely in the service of music, not showmanship.”
The Star-Ledger

“[T]he gifted Chinese-born conductor Xian Zhang offered a sizzling interpretation of Schumann’s Symphony No. 4, and created a buzz in the audience that lasted long after the last notes had died away. She’s a dynamic presence on the podium.”
Cincinnati Enquirer

“From the first upbeat [Xian Zhang] exudes authority.”
London Evening Standard

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