Enhance Your Concert Experience

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra has been a treasured community resource since its founding in 1922, enriching lives through a passion for musical excellence and a commitment to serving the diverse neighborhoods of our state. Through the offerings below, explore how the NJSO uniquely fosters a sense of community and nurtures the human spirit through live music.

Ask a Musician

Have you ever wondered just how a bassoon works? Or what kind of training is needed to be an orchestral musician? You have the chance to find out!

Classical Conversations

Hosted by NJSO Artistic Staff, these casual discussions give you a look into the music and music-makers performing that day.

Pre-Concert Adventures

Learn more about the music, participate in fun hands-on activities and meet musicians during this interactive time that’s perfect for the whole family.

2018 Winter Festival—America, Inspiring

America has always been a place of monumental inspiration, feeding the ideals of people from all over the world. This season’s Winter Festival celebrates artists who found creative inventiveness within this great nation, featuring works from Britten, Ravel, Korngold and more.