Watch as amateur musicians join members of the NJSO in the NJSO’s first ever virtual #OrchestraYou video!  

Music has the power to bring us all together. During these uncertain times, we can be certain of the unifying power of music. The NJSO is pleased to present virtual #OrchestraYou featuring amateur musicians from all over the country joining forces with NJSO musicians in a special edition of this classic NJSO Accent event. 

An in-person #OrchestraYou event was canceled this spring due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, but that didn’t stop us from making music together. We are pleased to present a very special virtual #OrchestraYou, celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday with a performance of the Scherzo from the composer’s Third Symphony.

Thank you to all who participated: 

First Violin
Michael Avagliano
Joey Bejjani
Edward Chu
Alex Fung
Sedong Kim
Erina Lee
Lucie Schup
Christian Sen
Caitlin Shroyer
Daniel Song
Brennan Sweet (NJSO)
Rosemary Topar

Second Violin
Vicki Hayes
Rachel Katz
Alixandra Lamsa
Brenda Li
Alexandra Neglia (NJSO)

Lucy Corwin (NJSO)
Peggy Reynolds
Michael Stewart (NJSO)

Jeff Lazar
Jonathan Spitz (NJSO)
Sylvie Wurmser

Alexander Bickard (NJSO)

First Flute
Sharon Chai
Lauren Farrel
Bart Feller (NJSO)
Matthew Lopez
Judy Singleton

Second Flute
Layanga Athalage
Varun Pawar

Robert Ingliss (NJSO)

Pascal Archer (NJSO)
Tom Bonomo
Melany McQueeny
Michael Perlin

Robert Wagner (NJSO)
Matt Wisotsky

Shawn Doremus
Shannon Ferrara
Chris Komer (NJSO)
Judy Lee

Noah Choi
Garth Greenup (NJSO)
Anderson Romero (NJSO)

Brent Barnett

Gregory LaRosa (NJSO)
Galen Work
Mark Zettler

Video Production and Event Coordinator: Daniel Graziano, NJSO Marketing Assistant

What is #OrchestraYou?

The NJSO’s signature Accent event, #OrchestraYou brings amateur instrumentalists and NJSO musicians together for a pro-am performance experience. Everyone who plays a standard orchestral instrument can participate in #OrchestraYou.


This is an NJSO Accent Event

Inspired by the concerts and designed to inspire you, NJSO Accents are pre- or post-concert events that complement and enrich your musical encounters and provide you with more opportunities to personally connect with the concert experience.

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