New Year, New #OrchestraYou

Play Glinka’s Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture in a virtual performance with NJSO musicians.

Make a New Year’s resolution to dust off your instrument and get in musical shape to record your part for Glinka’s Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture—this year’s #OrchestraYou piece! From January through March 2021, NJSO musicians are sharing pro tips that will have you ready to record in no time.

What is #OrchestraYou?

Play a great piece with the pros. Each year, audience members and NJSO musicians join together to rehearse and perform in a fun pro-am experience. #OrchestraYou went virtual in 2020, and we’re continuing the tradition in 2021!

Join #OrchestraYou—no auditions required! See below for how to download the music and click track, record your performance on video and submit.

How to Participate in #OrchestraYou:

Don't delay! Video submissions are due April 15.

How to record your performance

Record along with the click track.

Be sure to download the conductor video with the click track before you start recording! You have an option of recording to the regular click track or to a slowed-down version of the click track if you find the regular tempo to be a little too challenging.

  • If you record to the slower click track, we’ll speed up your video to match the performance tempo. (Don't worry—your pitch will remain unaffected!)

When you record your video, make sure to listen to the click track through headphones so that the sound of your instrument is the only thing that gets recorded.


Record horizontal, high-resolution video.

  • Video quality: Make sure you are recording video at a high quality (1080p HD or higher)
    • T adjust iPhone video quality: G to Settings > Camera > Record Video
      • 4K at 30 fps is ideal (1080p at 30 fps or higher will work)
    • T adjust Android video quality: G to Camera > Settings > Resolution
      • Use 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080
  • Phone/camera positioning
    • Psition your phone/camera on a stable surface.
    • Psition your phone horizontally to record in landscape orientation.
  • Lighting
    • Make sure that there is adequate light in the rom in which you are recording. In addition to natural light, overhead lights and/or light stands can ensure the best visual quality.
    • Make sure that the strngest light source in the room is not behind you to avoid your face appearing in shadow.
  • Stand at least two feet from the phone/camera for better audio quality.

New Year, New #OrchestraYou pro tips!

Learn how to prepare for #OrchestraYou before you even open your instrument case!

Watch the pro tips playlist on YouTube


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