NJSO Leadership quartet

Bring your team to new levels of creativity and productivity through an interactive leadership training workshop led by the world-class musicians of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

By examining the rehearsal process, a string quartet illustrates the different types of leadership skills used in musical preparation—teamwork, problem solving, creative negotiation, compromise and decision-making—and shows how these same skills can be applied to a professional setting.

While musicians may not seem to have much in common with business professionals, they share the same needs for clear communication, professionalism and inspiration to achieve specific goals on deadline. The Leadership Quartet takes apart the components of a working team, explores them from multiple perspectives and then reassembles them into a finished product—a great musical performance.

This interactive workshop explores new ways of thinking about business practices and leadership in professional settings. It provides the participants with the opportunity to discuss, reflect on and apply the leadership principles observed.

The program concludes with a performance of the featured work.

Program length: 45–60 minutes

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards:
Visual and Performing Arts (1.1, 1.4); Social Studies (6.1, 6.3); World Languages (7.1); 21st Century Life and Careers (9.2, 9.3)

Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts, College and Career Readiness Anchor Standard for Speaking and Listening
English Language Arts, College and Career Readiness Anchor Standard for Language

Many of the NJSO’s programs address NJCCC Standard 9, Career Ready Practices.

Selected clients include:
Arts Council of Morris Area
Episcopal Diocese of Newark
Lead NJ
Planned Parenthood of Northern and Central NJ
Rutgers Business School Alumni Association
Primary and secondary schools throughout New Jersey

All programs are subject to change.

This program can be modified for audiences with special needs.