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Who benefits when you invest in the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra? You do! And so do your neighbors across the Garden State. Our donors make an unmistakable impact on their community. With your support, the NJSO fulfills its mission to enrich lives through a passion for musical excellence and a commitment to New Jersey, its people and its communities. Each year, more than 140,000 New Jerseyans experience the artistic excellence delivered by your NJSO—including 60,000 people who benefit from our innovative education and community engagement initiatives. You can ensure that this important work continues. Invest in your community and support your NJSO today!

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FY18 SF Enrich lives through music.jpgEnrich Lives Through Music

“My sister and I treated Mom to a concert to hear our most favorite Beethoven Symphony live. She told us how special a day it was and how she loved her balcony seats. Your conductor, Xian Zhang, is brilliant and gorgeous in her interpretation of these amazing works of art. We marveled at the incredible talent of all your musicians, but especially enjoyed the timpanist performing the Beethoven. We want to thank you for sharing your gifts. Amidst some troubles in my life, it brightened our day.”
– Robin E. (NJSO patron)

YO.jpgEncourage lifelong learning

“Being a part of the NJSO Academy Orchestra taught me to prioritize, to have a strong sense of responsibility and to be passionate about my interests. As I embark on my college career, I am grateful for all the Saturday-morning rehearsals, chamber music coachings and performances that have been integral in shaping not only my appreciation for music but also my values as a person.”
– Danielle L. (NJSO Academy Orchestra alumna)

FY18 SF Strengthen communities.jpgStrengthen communities

“Thank you to the NJSO for a beautiful visit to the Children’s Hospital. The performance was fantastic; the young patients and their caregivers were all enthralled. It was uplifting to witness them move, sing and become fully engaged in the music experience. We look forward to this continued collaboration. Thank you again for sharing these talented and caring musicians.”
– Ellen G. (healthcare professional)

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