Carnival of the Animals

Embark on a digital safari with a new New Jersey Symphony video series! Watch all episodes on our Facebook and YouTube channels—and right here on our website!

Join us for a journey through Saint Saëns’ beloved Carnival of the Animals. In a four-part video series, New Jersey Symphony musicians and our friends at the Turtle Back Zoo will take you on a musical adventure—featuring drawings, paintings and creative visuals by music and animal lovers like you!

You’ll hear musical depictions of lions, hens and roosters, wild donkeys and swift animals, tortoises, elephants, kangaroos, aquarium fish, long-eared animals, cuckoos, birds, dinosaurs and swans.


Episode 1 Hosted by Violist David Blinn


Episode 2 Hosted by Assistant Principal Bass Alexander Bickard

Episode 3 Hosted by Principal Flute Bart Feller

Series Finale! Episode 4 Hosted by Assistant Principal Cello Nayoung Baek

Principal Cellist Jonathan Spitz provides Carnival’s lovely, famous melody “The Swan.”


This New Jersey Symphony Carnival of the Animals video series is generously sponsored by the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and features special appearances by the Turtle Back Zoo.