Subscriber Benefits

Select Your Venue & Series

The reasons you subscribe? Great music, delivered with passion, in a venue near your home. The benefits that come with subscription? Perks that make subscribing a simple choice. 

All NJSO subscribers receive these great benefits from day one!

Easy Exchanges

Can’t make a concert after all? Exchange your tickets easily into another of the NJSO’s many concerts, by mail, phone, fax or in person. Fees will apply to seating upgrades and multiple exchanges of the same ticket.

Great Savings and Priority Seating

The savings over single tickets are substantial—as much as 25%. Plus, the more concerts in your subscription, the more you save!

Advance Discount Parking at NJPAC

Save time and money by purchasing your parking at NJPAC in advance with discount vouchers. Ask about vouchers when you place your subscription order.

10% Discount on Select NJPAC Performances

NJSO subscribers receive 10% off single tickets to performances presented by NJPAC. Some restrictions apply.

Ticket Donations

Can’t make a concert at the last minute? Donate your ticket back to the NJSO and receive a tax-deductible acknowledgement. Plus, you make your seat available for another music lover!

The longer you subscribe, the greater the benefits!

Please note: Tenure is calculated on consecutive years of subscriber history. When purchasing tickets online, you must log in to your account to receive the listed discounts.