Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to common questions on New Jersey Symphony concerts and tickets.

If you need additional information, please call 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476) or send an email to

Questions About Safety

What are your safety protocols?

Patrons attending performances are required to abide by the safety protocols of the venue. Please visit the venue's website prior to attending your performance for the latest safety protocol information.

More information and policies

What if I’m unable or uncomfortable attending a performance?

Patron Services is ready to work with you to find an appropriate solution to manage your tickets. Please call 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476). We will be very flexible in your ticket options and encourage you to let us know as soon as you can if you plan to not attend a performance. Your ticket purchase is safe with us.

What if a performance is canceled or postponed?

If a performance is canceled or postponed, New Jersey Symphony Patron Services will contact you to offer a variety of ways to handle your tickets. For more details, please call 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476) to speak with a Patron Services representative.

General Questions

Can I bring the kids?

You know your children best, and you know how long they can usually sit and enjoy the music without being too squirmy. As a general guideline, though, we recommend that you don’t bring children younger than 10 years old to our regular subscription concerts, simply because they often find the concerts are too long. Younger kids will enjoy our Family Series concerts, which are shorter and have a more relaxed atmosphere and more to look at on the stage.

Where can I find my Patron ID number?

Your Patron ID number is printed next to your name on each ticket. Please include this number on any correspondence and have it handy to expedite service when calling.

If I lose or misplace tickets, can I still get into a concert?

Yes. Call Patron Services and request a reprint of your tickets to be mailed (if it is at least one week prior to the concert) or held at the concert hall. If you arrive at a concert without your tickets, passes for exact seat locations are available at the box office window or at the concierge table in the lobby. New Jersey Symphony staff are at box office windows starting at least 90 minutes before each concert.

Can I take pictures/sound recordings/videotape?

No. Photography, sound recording and videotaping are not permitted at any of our venues or concerts.

What happens if it snows and you cancel a concert?

Every effort is made to ensure that concerts are not canceled due to inclement weather. As a touring ensemble, our general rule is if the Orchestra can get to a theater, the concert goes on. If the Orchestra cannot get to the theater, the concert will be postponed or canceled, and our staff will attempt to reach every ticketholder by phone. (Please be sure we have your current number on file.) A recorded message will be left on the 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476) line advising that the concert has been canceled.

We understand that our audiences come to concerts from around the state. If weather or road conditions in your area prohibit you from traveling safely, you may exchange into other concerts within the same season. You must call Patron Services before the start of the concert to exchange tickets.

I’ve tried calling 1.800.ALLEGRO but I can’t get through.

You may not have reached the New Jersey Symphony. When calling our office, you should hear “Thank you for calling the New Jersey Symphony …” If you hear anything else, you may have misdialed. 1.800.ALLEGRO translates to 1.800.255.3476. If you dial the zero on your instead of the letter “O” in “ALLEGRO,” you will not reach the New Jersey Symphony. When in doubt, dial our local number, 973.624.3713.

How many seats are in each venue?


Concert Site



Richardson Auditorium

838 seats


Mayo Performing Arts Center

1214 seats

Red Bank

Count Basie Center for the Arts

1543 seats

New Brunswick

State Theatre New Jersey

1877 seats


NJPAC: Prudential Hall

2777 seats


NJPAC: Victoria Theater

511 seats

Questions About Subscription Tickets

What does “subscriber” mean?

Subscribers and season-ticket holders are terms often used interchangeably. Subscribers are patrons who invest in the New Jersey Symphony by purchasing a package of concerts, usually prior to the start of the season.

In what order will seats be assigned?

Renewing subscribers, requesting changes in seating, are seated on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date each subscription order was received in the summer. After August, all non-renewed subscribers’ seats are released. Any renewals received after the deadlines will be seated as new subscribers. New subscribers are seated based on the date the order was received, beginning after renewing subscribers are seated.

I will be away all summer. How will you reach me if necessary?

Particularly in the case of a request for a seating change, it can be important for us to reach you promptly to review your options. If you will be traveling, email can be a convenient way to have that conversation—please be sure to share your current email address on your order form. We will also try to contact you by phone at the number(s) you provide. Please share your cell phone number or the number where you will be staying so we can reach you. (We will call out of state, adjusting for any time zone difference, and we will respect your privacy.) If you have any questions, please call Patron Services at 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476), and we’ll be happy to help you.

How do I know what seats I’m getting? Can you guarantee that the seating changes I ask for now are the ones I will get?

You should be as specific as possible when indicating your seat request. Patron Services will look for seats for your first-, second- or third-choice seats, in order. You will be contacted if we cannot accommodate any of your requests. Because requests for seating changes are handled in the order they are received, we strongly advise patrons to renew early.

Since we cannot tell which seats might be released by current subscribers, or if there are any requests for the same seats already in line before yours, we cannot guarantee seating changes. If your particular seat request cannot be accommodated, Patron Services will call you when assigning seats during the summer to discuss available options. Seating is assigned patron by patron—based on order date—one series at a time.

Will you hold off charging my credit card until I’m seated? Can you take my renewal and I’ll send you a check later?

Subscription payments are processed immediately. Subscription change requests are seated in the summer based on the date your paid reservation is received. We must receive payment in order to renew your subscription. Should we be unable to assign seats to your satisfaction, you will receive a full refund.

My friend isn’t renewing. Can I have her seat?

Yes, but before the renewal deadline, we must receive a letter from your friend stating that she is transferring her subscription to you.

I’m switching from one series to another in the same theater. Can I get my same seats?

You can have your same seats in another series provided that a current subscriber in the other series does not already hold them and that no other request has been made prior to yours (first-come, first-served). Please list all such requests on your renewal invoice.

Why can’t I get aisle seats like I’ve been requesting for years?

Aisle seats are always in demand and are seldom released by the subscribers who currently hold them. Renew early each spring to have the best chance of getting aisle seats that are not renewed. All requests are first-come, first-served.

Why can’t I have the seats next to me? There’s always someone different in them.

There are four possibilities:

  • The subscribers share a series with friends, so you may not see the same patron at each concert.
  • We have many businesses that purchase subscriptions for use by clients or staff.
  • You might be near a subscriber who frequently exchanges into other concerts.
  • The seats are contractually reserved for the theater’s management, press or guest artists.

My friends and I want to be seated together. Can we do this?

Yes. The orders must be submitted together, and each renewal form should list the first and last names of the other parties involved (Patron ID numbers would help, too). Indicate on your form if you are willing to move your seats so everyone can be seated together, or if we should just assign the closest available. Keep in mind that the price section of your friend’s seats may be different than the price section you are sitting in now.

Who gets bonus vouchers, and can they be used for any concert?

All subscription renewals (not new subscriptions) received on or before April 30 will include one bonus voucher per seat renewed. Bonus vouchers can be used for select performances; details about redemption are included in your subscription ticket package.

When will my subscription tickets be mailed?

Subscription tickets for the season starting in October are mailed at the end of July.

Can I purchase additional tickets throughout the season?

Subscribers save 10% or more on most additional ticket purchases—call 1.800.ALLEGRO (255.3476) and press option 3 for Patron Services or review the subscriber benefits. One of our staff members will be happy to help you find the perfect seats. If you’re bringing guests and we don’t have seats available near yours, we will be happy to exchange your tickets so you can all sit together.