Darryl Kubian gives preview of world premiere of The Well of Urðr

Mar 6, 2023

Longtime New Jersey Symphony violinist and composer Darryl Kubian spoke to NJ.com to discuss his background, his over three-decade tenure with the Symphony and a preview of what to expect when the orchestra gives the world premiere of The Well of Urðr on March 16–19.

I’ve always been fascinated with mythology and philosophy, and when the New Jersey Symphony asked me to write something for my colleagues, conductor Xian Zhang thought that a concerto for three soloists would be interesting. The piece draws from Norse mythology and the stories surrounding the three norns — spirits who are the “fates” of the past, present and future ... The music on this program is quite varied, although everything on it (except my composition) is from the 19th century. Each work is very virtuosic, not only for the soloists, but also for the entire orchestra. The pieces have romantic melodies as well as vivid, programmatic images. They’re each a unique musical journey, and as both a performer and a composer, I hope that everyone who attends the concerts will walk away feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Darryl Kubian to NJ.com

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