Create Your Legacy at the NJSO

Your planned gift to the NJSO can benefit you and your loved ones in ways you may have never dreamed possible, while nurturing the future of classical music.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is charitable support that typically involves an individual’s financial and estate planning. It enables people to give from their assets, not just their income, allowing them to have a larger impact than they ever thought possible. Planned giving affords significant tax benefits to an individual while preserving more wealth for their families. It also ensures their favorite charitable interests are available for future generations.

Types of Planned Gifts

  • A gift from your will or trust
  • A gift from your qualified individual retirement plan
  • A charitable gift annuity
  • A gift of life insurance
  • A gift of personal property or real estate

The Laureate Society

The Laureate Society recognizes the visionary families and individuals who have established a planned gift or legacy for the NJSO. You need only to let us know of your plans so that we can honor you with membership in this exclusive group of extraordinary patrons.

An annual Laureate Society member recognition reception allows the NJSO musicians, leadership and staff to thank those donors who have made a remarkable commitment—leaving a living legacy—and encourage others to join them in the journey.

For more information about the Laureate Society and planned giving, please contact Megan Powers, Major Gift Officer & Manager of Planned Giving, at [email protected] or 973.735.1724.

Donor Stories

Inspiring New Generations

Anne Lieberson Ensemble photo.jpg

Anne Lieberson was a violinist, music teacher, chamber music enthusiast and longtime NJSO patron. In passing on her family’s values, Anne instilled a love of music in all of her children. When Anne passed away in 2015, her daughter approached the NJSO to see if there might be some way that she could honor her mother and create a living legacy that would continue to make an impact on young people in our community.

Two ideas emerged from our conversations about ways in which we could continue to share Anne’s love of music. Anne had a significant collection of chamber music and teaching tools that her family donated to the NJSO’s education programs. This collection was integrated into the NJSO’s teaching library and is now being used by students and their coaches.

Equally meaningful was the naming of the NJSO Youth Orchestras’ premiere string quartet as the Anne Lieberson Ensemble. Not only do the members have the honor of playing in an ensemble named for this generous donor, but the family also has a tangible way to remember their matriarch, come together and share their love of music. Throughout the past year, three generations of the family have met these young musicians and gathered at various events at which the Anne Lieberson Ensemble has performed.

Upon hearing that the quartet had been named and would be performing, Anne’s son wrote to his sister:

“This brings tears to my eyes. Mom would love this. It is such a wonderful, incredible thing you’ve done. In the midst of so much heartache, you seeded something beautiful and deeply meaningful.”

Sharing a Love of Music

“The NJSO has given my life and soul such joy.” – Maria Parise

Maria Paresi for Planned Giving.jpgMaria Parise was a generous supporter and patron of the NJSO who passed away in February 2015. A longtime resident of Kinnelon, Maria started coming to concerts in 1995 and “loved watching the musicians grow over the years.”  Inspired by her passion and commitment to the NJSO, Maria named the Orchestra as the beneficiary of her estate to ensure that high-quality musical performances would continue for future generations.

Maria’s gift also gave the NJSO an opportunity to meet Michael Parise, Maria’s nephew. Michael was married in the fall of 2015, and members of the Orchestra performed at the wedding. By making this estate gift, Maria has made an extraordinary impact on the NJSO, and her legacy of a love of music will continue.


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