Jan 25, 2020

Lunar New Year Celebration Gala

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Event Details

Lunar New Year Celebration Event Committee

Event Co-Chairs

Margaret Lam & David Yen

Shau-wai & Marie Lam

Event Committee

Wendy Yun Chen

Ruth Jin

Gregory Khost

Eva Lerner-Lam

Ruth C. Lipper

Yin Long

Elin Mueller

Philip Neches

Soyeon Park

Rebecca Shen & Dennis Chu

Scott Shi

Stephen Sichak Jr.

Cecilia Sweeney

Kirby Tan

Ming Yang

Shirley Young

Ray Zeng

Xin Zhao


In loving memory of Josephine Ho, who dedicated her life to the community with kindness and compassion.

February 5, 1953–November 22, 2019