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On leave of absence for the 2021–22 season. 

Question & Answer


HOMETOWN: Bloomfield.

PRACTICE ROUTINE: Musical exercises and asanas (a relaxed, seated Yoga pose) to strengthen and flex my brass chops, as well as melodic compositions to sing—you always have to sing [with your instrument].

INSPIRED BY: My parents, who were both fine musicians.

FAVORITE PASTIMES: Hiking (especially going up mountains), cooking and baking cookies. I’m a movie fan, and I am a fan of the healing arts, like essential oils, Reiki and massage.

POPULAR LISTENING: I like an eclectic mix, especially joyous or beautiful music. Some favorites include Celtic, bluegrass, R&B, Afro-Pop and oldies, as well as some blues, jazz, country, Cajun and Zydeco (American folk music that grew out of the Creole music tradition of 19th-century Louisiana).

FAVORITE FILM: Groundhog Day.

SING IN THE SHOWER? Oh yeah. And in the car … and in the kitchen …

FAVORITE SPORT: To play—golf. To follow—baseball and football.

METS OR YANKEES: Love ’em both, with a slight edge to Yankees—I grew up as a #7 centerfielder (like Mickey Mantle’s jersey number and position with the Yankees).


FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME YOU EVER WORE: I really freaked out my high-school-aged son one year, when I answered the door in drag with a red dress and blonde wig.


ADVICE FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS: Follow your passion; you never know where it will take you. Take steps to nurture that passion—go to concerts, play in groups or with friends who share your passion, find a great and inspiring teacher.

WHY MUSIC MATTERS: Music is healing. It helps us to connect and feel one with others;
it uplifts and brings joy to ourselves and all who hear it.

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