What is a Relaxed Performance?

If you or your loved ones have not felt fully comfortable or included in concert halls in the past, then welcome home to your New Jersey Symphony!

A Relaxed Performance is designed to accommodate the differing needs of our patrons of all abilities. Relaxed Performances provide additional support for patrons with physical and cognitive disabilities, while delivering an enjoyable experience for all.

We encourage you and your families to bring your own sensory manipulatives, noise reduction headphones and other necessary tools that will allow you to react and enjoy the music in a way that is most natural for you! Patrons are welcome to enter and exit the hall as needed throughout the performance.

Please note: If you are someone who prefers silence when you are enjoying a concert, this performance might not be for you.

Available Resources

Quiet Space

  • Dedicated calm, quiet spaces will be available if you need to leave the concert hall at any point during the performance. A staff member can escort you to the space nearest to you.

Activity Space

  • The Parsonnet Room on Tier 2 will be available for those who may wish to take a break from the performance. Music will be piped into this space so that you can continue to hear the concert while coloring or having a quick snack.

Seating Guide

Find the best seating area for your needs by referencing the seating guide here.

Vision Friendly

  • House lights will be dimmed.
  • Large-print programs are available at every performance; please ask an usher for a copy.

Auditory Friendly

  • Assisted listening devices are available upon request at NJPAC. The FM system in Prudential Hall Betty Wold Johnson Stage and the Victoria Theater Lizzie & Jonathan Tisch Stage require a special receiver for each person. Whether or not you wear a hearing aid, we offer under-the-chin headsets and neck loops (personal teleloop) for t-coil users. In the Chase Room, we offer Sennheiser infrared devices. A driver’s license or credit card will be required as a deposit.

Sign-Language Interpretation

  • Sign language interpretation is available upon request with one week’s notice; please email the New Jersey Symphony ADA coordinator at ada@njsymphony.org.

Additional trained staff and volunteers will be on site to assist patrons as needed.

For more information, please contact the ADA Coordinator at ada@njsymphony.org.